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Anti-vandal lights "TRIF LUNA" at the Dvortsovaya ploshchad', St. Petersburg

- Do you know this situation?

You install the lamp in the paving. After some time, it appears the condensate. The lamp is leaking and breaks. This is a common situation, when in climate like russian led lights rated to IP67 or below installed. IP67 guarantees that lamp can work only at short-term immersion in water. In the Russian climatic con­di­ti­ons (and similar in other countries), the lamps should work constantly in the winter in the frozen gro­und, almost in a block of ice, during the spring and autumn constantly immersed in water. So the IP67 standard is not enough for this conditions!

TRIF company produces led lighting for paving with protection IP69K /+ice. It can work constantly not only in water but also in ice. TRIF lamps withstand any deformation of the frozen soil and smooth operation in any weather.

Illumination of the Dvortsovaya ploshchad', St. Petersburg

The administration of Saint-Petersburg looked for a company, who can replace lamps that have failed on the Dvortsovaya Square St. Petersburg. TRIF company was selected among the many candidates.

Own unique sealing system allows us to create totally reliable watertight lamps for paving. They are suitable for installation in areas with high pedestrian and motor load. TRIF LED lights withstand studded tires and heavy trucks, resistant to salt and other chemical reagents. We have developed special anti-vandal lamps "TRIF LUNA"  with high strength features to illuminate the General staff at Dvortsovaya Square St. Petersburg. These models are not afraid of blows with a stone or bottle.

TRIF anti-vandal lights withstand even the shots from the pneumatic weapon!

Individual design

TRIF company also is engaged in development and production of lamps according to individual design. Lighting classical architectural ensembles, the modern buildings in high-tech style, the urban loft or a cozy bungalow, we will develop the spotlights and fixtures for any project!