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TRIF | Video and photo of the complex illumination of a private area in Lisy Nos (St. Petersburg)

The next project by the Russian manufacturer of LED lamps TRIF was the illumination of private property in the village of Lisy Nos (Primorsky district, St. Petersburg). The customer was given the task to organize a functional lighting on the site, in harmony with the existing landscape.

We used TRIF SLENDER linear LED downlights to light the lattice wooden arches with vertical greenery. These models solve two problems simultaneously: create decorative lighting around the perimeter of the arch and illuminate the passageway below it.

The lighting of garden paths was realized with the help of landscape LED posts TRIF WOOD R 45. Thanks to the thermo wood (Thermo Ash in this case) inlay body, the luminaires are ideally suited to the design style of the area, which makes extensive use of wood finishes.

Small TRIF PIN spotlights with legs and TRIF GARDEN 100 LED ground spotlights were used to illuminate the plant retaining wall and to highlight the greenery.

To illuminate the outdoor veranda, we fitted TRIF HARD ground-mounted luminaires into its decking made of terraced planks.

This gives the area a "warm" ambience for safe use and makes it especially cosy at night. Even during the day, the lighting elements elegantly complement the design of the area. An indisputable advantage of our LED lighting is its cost-effectiveness, low power consumption.