TRIF | Tennis Court Lighting: A New Completed Project In Greece

We are proud to announce our new completed project in Europe: the illumination of a private tennis court. We approached this project in a comprehensive way: created a visual model with the illumination parameters, calculated the number of posts and the wattage of floodlights to be installed on them. After that, we manufactured four mast-type columns and thirty-two LED luminaires. Since the posts were to be installed on a split-level terrain, we produced them in three height variants. Each of the columns was fitted with eight JUPITER COURT floodlights on swivel mounts, each with a wattage of 72 W. The pivotable mounting of the luminaires was our client's personal request.

For this project, we used the JUPITER series as a basis and developed the JUPITER COURT models. These floodlights are designed for tennis courts and distinguished by high energy efficiency, as well enhanced service reliability of the light-emitting diodes: up to 100,000 hours of continuous operation. The bodies of the lighting fixtures are made from anodized marine aluminum AMG6 and Plexiglas acrylic glass. The JUPITER series boasts of certificates confirming its compliance with the IP68 moisture protection standard, as well as its high resistance to mechanical impacts.

Фоторепортаж установки освещения на частный теннисный корт в Греции, Пелопоннес:

We offer premium lighting equipment that meets all the necessary requirements for quality illumination. All lighting columns are manufactured in accordance with the client's technical specifications: you can select the suitable color temperature and lighting intensity, up to professional lighting for video filming (1000 lux/600 lux).

Send us the application - and we will make the project of lighting for your tennis court!

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