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TRIF SLIM: replacing obsolete office lighting fixtures with modern LED equipment

LED lamps are much more energy-efficient and boast of longer service life. In addition, obsolete lamp types (halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, gas-discharge) are prone to blinking. This flaw is also characteristic of cheap LED lights of the past generation. You can see this effect by aiming a camcorder or camera at a lit lamp. Can you see the light flicker and “shimmer”? These are the light flux oscillations that are invisible to the human eye. Even though we do not notice them, they do have an unfavorable effect on the human body.

In the TRIF office in St. Petersburg, the interior lighting solution employs modern interior luminaires. Not long ago, we unveiled the upgraded TRIF SLIM wall lights. Have a look at their thin and sleek design. They seem to hover around the pillars, giving a soft reflected diffused light – something that is necessary for productive daily work in an office space.