Создание новой уникальной серии светильников TRIF ROCK

TRIF ROCK - a new series of led lights. It is made in the form of pillars, which is very convenient to illuminate park paths and landscape features, the city's public places. The main difference from other series - lamps ROCK’s lights have substantially greater strength characteristics.  

Vertical mount

New idea - in the modification where the lamp base does not have the top of the bend, the lamp is fixed vertically.

Up or down

The bend at the top of the base allows you to mount ROCK lights on the upper or lower surface. The illumination from the pillars.   

Illumination from pillars

Height of ROCK lights can be to 6 meters. That give you а possibility to use them as street lights.

Minimalist functional design of the TRIF ROCK lights represents the ideas of constructivism, so they are appropriate for illumination of public areas, office buildings, banks, car dealerships and Parking lots. 

Options of
TRIF ROCK series: 

  • Any height from 0.2 to 6 meters; 
  • Lighting any landscape objects at any angle;
  • Round or square canopy;  

"We finally created a series of lamps, which are not afraid of lawnmowers, soccer balls and dogs" - so we are talking to land owners. And it's really true. Massive stainless steel case is really designed to protect suburban property owners from the small troubles that occur with less durable lights.  

TRIF ROCK - the perfect lights for public places and suburban areas. Wherever you need a combination of beauty and strength.   

TRIF | Russian Manufacturer of IP68/+Ice Outdoor LED Luminaries