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TRIF JUPITER In A New Iteration: Bronze, Brass, And Copper Floodlights. Semi-Antique Patination

TRIF was commissioned to manufacture floodlights for decorative illumination of a private territory. We produced 30 brass JUPITER 160 floodlights with pivoting mechanisms. The customer opted out of artificial patination; in several years, the metal will obtain an aged look naturally. For those who need an immediate result, we offer the option of artificial brass and copper patination. The bodies of the luminaires are treated with a special chemical formula, which creates the patina effect in just a few days. Patinated brass, copper, and bronze fixtures represent a fashionable contemporary trend adhered to by landscape and interior designers alike.

Examples of decorative metal patination:

TRIF offers made-to-order custom patinated luminaires and floodlights. You can select the material and the metal treatment of the shell body, as well as the luminaire's technical specifications: wattage, light temperature, lens angle.