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TRIF | Another Project Completed: Private Residence Lighting In Nice

TRIF has completed a new lighting project in Nice, France. Our task was to replace the failed in-ground luminaires of European make at a private residence. The customer chose TRIF LUNA ground luminaires for illuminating the garden paths, open terraces, and the area around the pool. Within the shortest possible time, we manufactured over one hundred and seventy luminaires and had them shipped to France.

In addition, the designer decided to highlight the trees and bushes to create a multi-level scheme of decorative landscape lighting. We manufactured thirty JUPITER 160 floodlights (warm white light) and ten PIN luminaires in the GREEN version (green light).

Landscape TRIF lamps with a guarantee

The powerful Jupiters on pin-type stands were installed throughout the territory to highlight the trees. Such floodlights are a convenient solution for illuminating trees at a private territory. As the tree grows, you can easily rearrange the lighting fixtures, changing the direction of the light flow.