Popular floodlights JUPITER IO in the new landscape lighting project in Leningrad Oblast

Simple and austere, yet elegant – the TRIF JUPITER IO floodlights are gaining popularity among metropolitan landscape designers, design offices, and municipal improvement organizations. Thanks to the reinforced steel casing and the longevity of the LEDs, which come with a guarantee of no less than 100 000 hours of continuous operation, the series is a practical solution for illuminating trees, monuments, and building facades.

Features of the JUPITER IO landscape floodlights:

Уличные светодиодные RGB прожекторы от компании TRIF из серии JUPITER можно использовать как для организации ландшафтного освещения на частных участках, так и для подсветки общественных зон отдыха: парков, скверов и улиц города. Они универсальны и обладают рядом ключевых достоинств:

  • durable casing made from anodized aluminum;
  • a stainless steel pillar;
  • a pivotable lamp with a locking mechanism;
  • anti-vandal properties, compliance with the IK10 impact-resistance standard;;
  • concealed wiring;
  • suitable for year-round operation due to resistance to precipitation (snow, hail, rain);
  • compliance with the IP68 degree of moisture protection;
  • operation at temperatures ranging from -50° C to +50° C.

In the JUPITER IO landscape floodlights, the light-emitting diodes are contained inside the metal “head” and are sealed with optical resin. The lamp casing is absolutely waterproof due to the absence of joints and apertures.

TRIF | Russian Manufacturer of IP68/+Ice Outdoor LED Luminaries