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Lighting a private bathhouse in the Leningrad region

Another successfully completed design has appeared in the portfolio of the Russian company TRIF, it is the development and integration of a lighting system for a countryside bathhouse. In this design, the task was complicated by the specific operating conditions of the future lighting fixtures and authenticity of the facility appearance. Lighting was to be developed for a Russian bathhouse, with high humidity and extreme temperatures. The lighting design had to blend in with the interior, made with a predominance of natural materials. The result was the series of low-voltage waterproof and wear-resistant LED lamps for the steam room, living room, and the terrace.

To illuminate the interior spaces of a private bathhouse, we made fixtures with laconic plafonds and wall mounting. The lighting is based on corrosion-resistant Aisi steel and Plexiglas® polymethylmethacrylate. These materials provide increased durability of lighting, resistance to mechanical damage, moisture, steam, high and low temperatures. All lamps are low-voltage (the power is 24 V), ensuring safe operation in wet rooms.

Suspended lights on the bathhouse terrace deserve special attention. They have the same properties as the lighting equipment installed in the steam room and living room, but they differ in design. Their copper plafonds were specially designed for this facility. These small lamps fit perfectly into the interior, emphasizing unique texture of the pine walls in a log cabin.

Our TRIF-MEBEL subdivision took part in the design. Thanks to the efforts of its experts, the set of furniture for the bathhouses was created. The interior design was also developed individually. The design included a sofa, a bed, a bench, and two coffee tables to decorate the living room. In addition, the dining table and benches on the terrace, shelves for the steam room, and pre-bathroom were made to individual sizes. All furniture is made of larch wood, with eco-friendliness and long service life. At the customer’s request, some furniture is supplemented with LED lighting.

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