TRIF | Светодиодные прожекторы RGB - новые модели для светового дизайна загородных и городских ландшафтов

In this day and age, outdoor RGB LED lighting is hot and happening. It's a trendy solution widely used in both urban and residential landscape designs.

Why Is There A Surge In Demand For RGB LED Floodlights And Luminaires?

  • Highlighting of monuments and memorials: RGB lighting opens up additional opportunities for the architect to bring their ideas to life. Accent or background RGB lighting can enhance the object's visual perception;
  • Highlighting of facades: architectural narrow-beam RGB floodlights are an efficient tool to emphasize the beauty of antique buildings;
  • In modern urban planning, dynamic RGB lighting is employed to give an individual character even to the least architecturally sophisticated buildings;
  • At an out-of-town property, even a few RGB LED floodlights are sufficient for creating a compelling lighting scheme throughout the territory or an individual highlight for a landscape object;
  • In waterscape design, green or blue underwater luminaires are employed to make the pond more picturesque and enigmatic;
  • In recreational and entertainment parks, bright installations involving colorful floodlights and luminaires help to attract even more visitors;
  • During entertainment events, modern programmable RGB lighting opens up a wide creative scope for lighting designers when it comes to designing concert and display spaces;
  • In lighting design of shopping malls and business centers, colorful RGB LED illumination has become popular as an additional way to increase the consumer traffic.

Programmable RGB Floodlights

If you want the landscape or building facade lights to change their colors at certain intervals of time, a dynamic RGB lighting system is what you need. You can program it to change the lighting color, brightness and rhythm, which will result in an unforgettable light show.

Several Lighting Control Options Are Available:

  • Remote-controlled RGB LED floodlights. The remote control unit works only within a close range from the controller; as a rule, the range is under 15 meters. The remotes are available in radio and UV, touch and push-button versions.
  • DMX-controlled RGB LED floodlights. The operator uses an app on a smartphone, tablet or laptop to send commands to the controller over Wi-Fi.

TRIF: A Russian Manufacturing Company

We have expanded our line-up of outdoor RGB floodlights, and as of now, virtually all our luminaires are available in the R, G, B or RGB modifications!

TRIF's outdoor RGB LED floodlights are suitable for use in any, even the most rigorous climate. Our unique sealing technology allows us to manufacture waterproof luminaires and floodlights in compliance with the IP68/+ice standard. The durable welded 3-mm-thick stainless steel body enables our luminaires to withstand the “ice loads.” Our outdoor RGB floodlights function flawlessly when submerged in water or frozen into the ice. For illumination of public places, we offer special-design anti-vandal models that won't get broken or stolen.

Custom Outdoor RGB LED Floodlights For Your Project

We are ready to design and manufacture custom outdoor RGB LED floodlights of any required size and brightness, with embedded parts and attachment fittings tailored to your specific project requirements. We use a wide range of materials: not only stainless steel and anodized aluminum, but also brass, bronze, and patinated copper. At the client's request, we can paint the luminaire in any color of the RAL palette. We work in close contact with architects and promptly fulfill projects of any conceptual and technical complexity!

TRIF | Russian Manufacturer of IP68/+Ice Outdoor LED Luminaries