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What should be taken into account while developing a lighting scheme for a park, a private or public garden? Picking up safe and reliable luminaires must be your first consideration. Outdoor lighting fixtures are inevitably subject to weather impacts: heat and ultraviolet solar radiation in summer, heavy rains in autumn, snowfalls and icing-up in winter. Besides, the park area is usually the playground for children and pets, the venue for family get-togethers, and many people's favorite picnic spot. Sooner or later, the luminaire may sustain a mechanical impact. That's why a high-quality park-and-garden LED light must, first of all, have anti-vandal properties. Secondly, its design must be sturdy and reliable, so that the fixture is capable of withstanding adverse weather, especially in the harsh climatic conditions of Russia. In addition, the luminaire must feature the highest possible energy efficiency, as electricity prices have been growing recently. Wonder where to find park-and-garden luminaires featuring all these qualities? You're welcome to browse TRIF's wide range of lighting fixtures.

TRIF: A Unique Manufacturing Technology

The Russian company TRIF designs and manufactures park-and-garden LED luminaires and floodlights intended for all weather conditions. We place a great emphasis on the quality of light-emitting diodes and materials used to build the body of the luminaire. Another priority is ensuring complete waterproofness of the lamp hosting the LED elements. Our own sealing technology allows manufacturing lighting fixtures compliant with the IP68/+ice protection standard. We seal off the light-emitting diodes inside a monolithic optical polymer capsule. No moisture can penetrate it, which means there's no condensate formation. This enables our luminaires to continue functioning flawlessly in spite of severe frosts and the ice load. The TRIF park-and-garden luminaires can work in any weather conditions. You won't suffer any expenses related to luminaire maintenance or replacement!

Energy-Efficient Park Luminaires

Modern LED luminaires consume very little amounts of electricity as compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs, halogen or electroluminescent lamps. In addition, we employ the latest-generation light-emitting diodes with the highest energy efficiency indicators, which will lower your electric bill even further!

Anti-Vandal Luminaires For Parks And Pedestrian Zones

TRIF offers a wide range of luminaires, including anti-vandal models distinguished by enhanced mechanical strength characteristics. We offer lighting fixtures with reinforced tilting mechanisms and fittings, as well as built-in luminaires protected against breaking. All these features effectively guard our anti-vandal models against crush and theft, which makes them suitable for illuminating places characterized by intense pedestrian traffic.

Quality And Reliability

The welded 3-mm-thick stainless steel body and the most cutting-edge high-quality light-emitting diodes are what guarantees the reliability of TRIF luminaires! Over 100,000 hours of continuous year-round operation. The entire production cycle takes place in Russia and includes a 3-stage quality control system!

Waterproof IP68/+Ice Park-And-Garden Luminaires

TRIF luminaires comply with the IP68/+ice protection class, which guarantees flawless functioning under water, snow and ice at temperatures down to -50° C! A perfect choice for public gardens and parks. The luminaires will not sustain any damage if they get snowbound or frozen into the ice in winter!

Custom-Project Outdoor Park-And-Garden Luminaires

TRIF designs and manufactures custom LED luminaires for specific projects. We will help you select the suitable materials, dimensions, brightness and color temperature of the luminaire. You'll get to choose from a range of metalwork and paintwork options. We'll tailor-make a custom RGB lighting scheme for your project, including a dynamic controller or a remote control unit. In addition, we can manufacture luminaires fitted with a motion sensor, which will ensure safety and convenience during dusk walks through the park or garden. Thanks to the availability of our own production facilities, we can manufacture park-and-garden luminaires in a time-efficient manner and fulfill our clients' orders promptly!

Изготовление садово парковых фонарей

TRIF is a manufacturer of modern-design park luminaires intended for illuminating pathways in parks and public gardens, as well as streets and squares. If you would like to browse the range of our park-and-garden column-type luminaires, go to the Outdoor Lighting section.

Buy park-and-garden LED luminaires directly from the manufacturer, without any retail markup!

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